Universities in Ukraine

Most accredited universities in Ukraine are older than the sovereign Ukraine…

This is due to their long-standing history of Soviet origin.  As global technologies advance, Ukraine responds, updating and upgrading our university facilities to keep abreast of ongoing trends in global technology.  At the bottom of this page you will find some of the top Ukraine universities list but not limited to.

Through the Ministry of Higher Education and Sciences, the Ukrainian government continuously intensifies efforts to ensure that Ukraine universities maintain educational standards comparable with international education standards. The Ministry of Education and Sciences will periodically check to ensure the benchmarks are not being violated.  If there is any breach of protocol, all relevant steps will be taken to reinforce the standards.

Why Ukrainian Universities?

Universities of Ukraine are built on the philosophy of learning and not just study.  This is achieved by a process of balancing the learning with adequate practical’s and real life situations to cement the knowledge.  A conducive learning environment is the top priority.

There are over 2200 universities distributed in the different states and regions of Ukraine, these include most famous universities in Ukraine, Kiev medical university, Odessa State university, National aviation university Kiev, etc.  We will upon your request, provide you with the current list of rankings amongst the universities.

Ukraine universities offer a wide variety of courses, ranging from engineering courses, medical and health sciences, economics and management, aeronautics, aqua and marines as well as a host of other course too numerous to mention.  The chances of you not finding a course at one of the Ukrainian universities is very slim indeed.

Universities in Ukraine…

Universities in Ukraine In recent years, developed into an industry of their own.  This is due to the influx of international students, responding to the need for affordable university education without sacrificing quality.  The number of foreign students is around 48,000 and is still growing.  Study in Ukraine simply cuts the budget for university education abroad.

The three main reasons for this growth are: cost advantage, quality and social stability.  These are major factors parents consider when choosing a university for their child.

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