Higher Education

Higher Education

Higher Education in Ukraine, as a term, refers to any schooling that is undertaken after secondary school (otherwise referred to as high school). This scope includes first and second level technical and vocational institutions, as well as universities of Ukraine, these are considered to be in the third level of higher education platforms. This article will focus solely on university education in regards to higher levels of education.

With the successful completion of secondary school, one will be on the right path to a successful career in a higher education institution. However, doing so will require the passing of a standardized University entrance exam. In Ukraine, this test is coordinated and supervised by representatives of the Ministry of Education and Sciences. Upon successful completion of this exam, students will be able to enter into a Bachelors Degree program. This is considered the entry level of any program at one of the universities of Ukraine. Following a Bachelor’s Degree, students can continue to peruse Masters Degrees, and PhDs.

The minimum amount of time required to complete any Bachelor’s Degree program is three-four years. Following this degree, students can enroll into the medical degree program, which requires another five or six years of formal training. Masters and PhD. Programs, will add additional years of schooling as well, but this can range from anywhere between one and five years.

Study in Ukraine offers higher education programs in the following languages…

  • Ukrainian (national language).
  • Russian.
  • English (mainly offered particularly to international students).
  • French.

Ukrainian students are offered programs and courses in their native language. However, any international student can choose programs and courses in any one of the four languages listed above. However, study in Ukraine for Foreign Students, who opt to undergo courses in either Ukrainian or Russian, must first under-go a one-year intensive language course. Upon successful completion of this, they will be granted entry into courses offered in other languages. Upon graduation of your degree program, you will also be presented with a certificate of proficiency in the language in which your study was completed under.

Academic years, under the university calendar, run from September 1st to June 31st. This time is split between two semesters of roughly five-month duration each. Students who study in Ukraine receive a two-week break between January and February and a substantially longer break from July 1st to August 31st. For students arriving for the first time in Ukraine, the day in which you begin your studies is based upon the language in which you are studying. Students studying in English must be prepared to begin classes by September 1st while students studying in another language begin on September 15th.

Students enrolled in this program are expected to adhere to the same guidelines and provisions that any other student in the Ukraine must follow. However, international students are also required to legalize their certificates with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs upon graduation. This will confirm that any certificate or degree was obtained under a certified Ukrainian university. Failing to do this could result in your degree being rendered invalid abroad. If you are from a country that holds a diplomatic mission with Ukraine, you will also receive a consular stamp with your degree upon graduation, further authenticating your credentials.

Students enrolled in the Study in Ukraine program will not only find a large population of Ukrainian students but also a rising population of fellow students from other countries making for a diverse learning environment. Students here will also find a comparatively cost-effective university education, when compared to what is offered throughout the rest of Europe. For anyone seeking affordable education, but is unwilling to spare the quality or experience, Study in Ukraine for Foreign Students offers a highly suitable option.

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