Adult Education

Adult Education

In order to be considered a marketable and efficient employee in this rapidly accelerating world, many individuals will opt to continue their education far into adulthood. In a continent like Europe, adult education is considered a vital aspect of adult life as it aids in employability, active citizenship, social inclusion, and personal development. As continuing education easily seems to be a broad task to take on, Study in Ukraine offers it services to make studying and continuing education something that is accessible for all, even the most disadvantaged of demographics.

Study in Ukraine offers courses across a variety of fields and specializations. They also host a wealth of different institutions and Universities of Ukraine for which to study at. The most notable courses available here pertain to fields of industry, pharmacy, management, science, engineering and technicians.

The courses offered by Study in Ukraine for foreign students are customized entirely to the respective field they are housed in. This offers students a well-rounded and comprehensive education that will leave them with marketable and employable skill and knowledge.

Study in Ukraine has, over the years, built up a highly sought after reputation, and has seen both an increasing enrolment rate as well as a successful graduate rate. Given the meticulously crafted course material, detailed and passionate instructors, small class sizes and active participation, Study in Ukraine has garnished an impressive track record for providing international students with reputable educations.

Instructors and presenters are chosen both for their success in academia as well as their knowledge and reputation in their given field or trade. Course material is always under subject of review, leaving students with the most up-to-date of information. Students will also find a balance of both instructional and practical demonstrations making class time itself extremely valuable.

Throughout and within most of the courses offered by Study in Ukraine, students will find a thorough and diverse mix of demonstrations, case studies, and workshops pertaining to use of any respective equipment and processes.

Students will find an encouraging atmosphere in which to stage any questions or concerns throughout their time with Study in Ukraine. Whether questions are raised in the context of a classroom, or with the privacy of just your instructor, students will gain a supportive entrust from both their peers and instructors, which proves to produce a positive learning environment.

Adult education Includes…

  • Formal, and informal learning environments for improving upon basics skills, obtaining new qualifications, and learning new skills essential to employment
  • Participating in social, cultural, and societal environments in order to gain a fully comprehensive knowledge and understanding of your respective study

In regards to age, anyone can enrol in Adult Learning programs once having completed any previous post-secondary schooling (or, anything after the level of high school).

Why Enroll in Adult Learning?

Given recent economic crises across the globe, the needs for new skills are more vital than ever before. With Study in Ukraine for foreign students, you will be given the chance to learn new skills that will acquire you with learning strategies that will aid in the competitiveness of today’s job market.

With participation in Adult Learning programs at a low of 8.9%, Study in Ukraine hopes to offer accessible learning options to those in need. In doing so, Study in Ukraine will play a pivotal role in raising the participation of lifelong learning strategies to 15% by 2020.