Accreditation of higher education

Accreditation of Education

The structure of the education system in The Ukraine is based on the education systems of the developed nations of the world in accordance with recommendations from the UNESCO, U.N. and other international organizations.

The Accreditation of  education is an integral part of the Ukrainian education system as laid down in the Law of Ukraine “On Education”. The four-level system provides thorough academic, professional and practical training with the following degrees: Junior Specialist, Bachelor, Specialist, Master, and PhD.

Ukraine has inherited from the past a well-developed and multifunctional system of  education. The dynamics, which is a characteristic trait of the current civilization, increasing social role of an individual, humanization and democratization of society, intellectualization of labour, fast change in technologies and equipment worldwide. All these requires the creation of such which will allow Ukraine to become the ever-educated nation. The establishment of the national education system is based on the new legislative and methodological grounds. It provides for an entirely new qualitative level of expert training, increase in the academic and professional mobility of graduates, greater openness, democratic principles of teaching and raising the youths’ access to The Ukraine’s higher education system into the world community.

Accreditation of higher education in Ukraine…

This higher education will see the creation of higher educational establishments, scientific and methodological facilities under federal and municipal governments and self-governing bodies in charge of education. The higher education structure includes also the post-graduate and Ph. D. Programs and self-education. The higher education includes two major educational levels, namely basic higher education and full higher education. The educational level is trait of higher education by the level of gained quality which provides comprehensive development of an individual and which will do to get an appropriate qualification. The legislation sets the following educational and qualification levels – junior specialist, bachelor, specialist, master, as well as scientific degrees of candidate of sciences (assistant professor) and doctor of sciences (Ph. D.). Educational and qualification level is trait of higher education by the level of gained qualities which will enable this individual to perform the appropriate occupational tasks or responsibilities at a certain qualification level. Senior scientific researcher, assistant professor and professor are the applied degrees.

Higher education can be obtained in higher education establishments of a certain level of accreditation. The applicants must have either basic general secondary education, complete secondary education, or hold degrees of the Junior Specialist or Bachelor, as well as of the Specialist or Master if they apply for a postgraduate degree.

The students can take either the full-time courses (day), part-time courses (evening classes, distance learning), or take a combination of these. Sometimes they can do an external course.

Admission to higher educational establishments is selective and depends on the applicants’ ability; it does not depend on the ownership type of the education establishment or the sources of money to pay tuition fees.

According to their status, all education establishments fall into four categories…

  • First level – the technical school, vocational school, or other schools of the same level;
  • Second level – the college, or other establishments of the same level;
  • Third and fourth levels (according to their accreditation) – the institute, conservatory, academy, university.

Currently in Ukraine there is more than 882 institutions of higher education of different accreditation levels.

The higher education establishments can award degrees…

  • Junior Specialist (technical schools, vocational schools, and other education establishments of the first accreditation level);
  • Bachelor (colleges and other education establishments of the second accreditation level);
  • Specialist, Master, PhD (education establishments of the third, fourth and fifth accreditation level):

The multi-layer structure of the higher education system means that, on completion of an education on a given level, students will obtain a corresponding degree which will allow them to further qualify themselves.

According to the structure of the higher education system, the first level leads to Junior Specialist Diploma, the second level to Bachelor’s Degree (basic higher education), the third to Specialist, Master’s Degree (complete higher education).

Accredited education establishments provide instruction according to their accreditation level. However, the higher the accreditation level of an education establishments is, the more options it can offer its students, who can graduate it with a diploma or degree of any chosen level.

Being a participant of the Bologna process, Ukraine joined common European education system, as well as European academic research community. A new set of requirements for obtaining the Bachelor’s Degree has been adapted to meet European standards. Another important objective was to revise syllabuses and qualification requirements.

State education standards set qualification requirements in Ukraine. The state education standard is a collection of regulations that define requirements for qualification and degree levels.

State education standards are set for every education level and degree.