Study Medicine and Engineering in Ukraine

Looking to Study in Ukraine for your further education?  Excellent choice, there are many options open to you, from school to university.  Being specialists in both Engineering and Medicine you will notice that there are many medical universities in Ukraine.  This does not mean you can only study medicine, just that there are plenty of faculties to choose from relating to the medical field, more than any other area of study.  Many of the courses offered within the medical universities of Ukraine fall under the medical faculties.

All of the medical faculties are available for International student admission, in fact all of the courses offered in the universities are open to anyone who wants to study in Ukraine.  In addition to  the medical faculties, there are courses in Engineering also available for International student admission.  You may be worrying about the language barrier, well please do not let this worry you.  We can assure you that most of the courses offered are available in English.  Specifically the nursing faculty in English has been shown to be a great way to attend school in a different country, and obtain a world recognized qualification.

Regardless of which of the courses offered you choose to study in Ukraine, at the end of the selected study, you will obtain a qualification that is recognized by UNESCO, WHO and is regarded as equal to any European qualification you could obtain. All courses offered are taught in English, you can, however, choose to learn in Russian.  Taking this option does give you the advantage of being fully immersed in the language as well as the culture, but if you don’t speak Russian before you attend, you would need to do an intensive language course first.

Just a few of the courses that you can pick from when you study in Ukraine at a medical university are: Pharmacy faculty, this is the one you should look at if you want to become a pharmacist, have a career in scientific research, or maybe even become a criminologist.  There are loads of career streams open to you with a degree from the Pharmacy faculty.  Nursing faculty gives you so many different choices within the nursing profession.  From general nurse, to Ward sister, through to care home and cancer specialist nurse.  You have so much choice open to you from a degree taken within a medical university in Ukraine.  Obviously being specialist medical universities you have the Medical faculty, this is the one you should pick if you are considering a profession within a medical setting.  This can range from being a General Practitioner, to a surgeon, a sports doctor or anything else that would need a medical degree.

Full available courses you can find here .

International student admission is not restricted to only certain countries.  Most international students can gain admission to a medical university in Ukraine, and study any of the courses offered including courses in Engineering.  Providing you obtain the correct visa enabling you to study in Ukraine then there is no limit for an international student looking for admission to an educational establishment in Ukraine.  All you will need to do is to produce your certificates proving you have completed your high school education in your home country, we can help you obtain your visa and your letter that gives international students admission to any of the medical universities in Ukraine.

International students gain admission to many of the courses offered at the universities, the most popular being the courses offered within the medical faculty, pharmacy faculty and nursing faculty in English.  Courses in Engineering are also popular with international students wanting to gain admission to study in Ukraine.  All the faculties have courses that are recognized worldwide, this ensures you would be entitled to work anywhere in the world with a recognized and equalized degree.  Also, because you have studied at a medical university in Ukraine, rather than a university in your home country, you will find that this makes you stand out from your peers with employers.

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