Study in Ukraine

So, you are looking to Study In Ukraine? Congratulations, this is a very important step, but also a very big step for you. When you choose to study in Ukraine universities, you will find there are so many courses available, you won’t have any difficulty finding the course you want to study.  As an international student studying in Ukraine you will be pleased to know that all studies are in English medium. This means that you won’t need to learn Russian nor Ukrainian to study in Ukraine Universities, you can choose to learn in Russian, however, you will then need to do an intensive language course to enable you to understand the lessons.

Some of the popular areas with international students studying in Ukraine universities are medicine and engineering.  Within the medical faculty you will find all the courses available for your career in medicine.  This means you could be anything from a General Practitioner, a Surgeon in a hospital or even a Plastic Surgeon.  Your career choices are unlimited when you take study in Ukraine university and take any of the courses available in the medical faculty.  Each and every qualification obtained by studying in Ukraine are equal to any from other European universities.  This is because they are supported and recognized by WHO and UNESCO, this means that your qualification will not hold you back and won’t look like a 2nd class qualification.

As mentioned, another popular area is the engineering courses.  As with the medical faculties there are very many courses available to students wishing to study in Ukraine universities.  An engineering degree will open up a very wide range of careers within this and other fields.  Studying in Ukraine is a very affordable option for those looking for a career within engineering, but find they cannot afford the prices of other European universities.  When you see the variety of courses available as an international student studying in Ukraine universities, you will wonder why you didn’t consider this earlier.

In addition to these popular areas, you will find international students taking a wide variety of courses available in many other faculties.  As an example, some of the others available are economics and management faculties, these will lead you onto many and varied career options, for example a position in retail management or financial positions with investment banking etc.  For the more artistic students studying in Ukraine universities there are the art and design faculties.  These are excellent for those who want to study art, or go into a career where you will need your art degree.

Due to the affordability of studying in Ukraine universities there are also many international students who chose to study in Ukraine for a degree in computing.  The IT faculties are the specialist areas they opt to enter.  Obviously, with IT being a function of everyday life now, the IT faculties are starting to grow in popularity with students who wish to study in Ukraine.  There are many courses available within the IT faculties that will enable you to gain that degree, leading onto a career within IT and computing.

Finally, we will just mention that there are also international students studying in Ukraine universities within the nursing faculties.  Again, just like the medical faculties these available courses will see you reach your goal of a career within nursing.  Be that in a hospital, or a community nurse or even midwife.  So many options you will not be limited to where you can work either as all the degrees are recognised worldwide.

Now you have decided that you would like to study in Ukraine, you should know that admission is now open.  You can apply for any of the courses available in any of the faculties enabling you to achieve your goal of studying in Ukraine universities.  We can help you with the application process, from the initial application, through to the relevant visa application.  You will have an adviser with you every step of the way, communication between you and ourselves will be ongoing for as long as needed, this includes all the way through your chosen course while you study in Ukraine.

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