How to Apply

How to Apply

We guide you through the steps you need to take in order to Ukraine study. Read up on the things you need to consider before choosing the education that is right for you.

The requirements on how to apply for studying in Ukraine is divided into five categories namely:

  1. Admission Requirements;
  2. Visa Requirements;
  3. Travel Requirements;
  4. Welcome to Ukraine;
  5. University Registration Requirements;

1 – Admission Requirements:

This refers to the documents required to qualify for university admission / invitation letter. They are:

  • A filled online application form online.
  • A copy of your international passport.
  • A legalized copy of secondary school completion certificate (or subject grades)*.
  • 6 – 8 copies of passport sized photographs, dimensions (3 x 4) cm.
  • A signed acceptance copy of the university admission proposal.
  • A fees confirmation copy (bank copy).
  • A medical certificate.

-Supplementary Requirements for Postgraduate and PhD students (in addition) :

  • A copy of the project work.
  • A copy of the bachelor’s / MBA / Master / PhD degree certificates.
  • Results and transcripts.

All documents must be notarized/legalized and translated into the Ukrainian or Russian languages.

 2 – Visa Requirements:

Some countries do not require visa. These include: UK, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Austria. Also, all Countries of the former Soviet Union are visa free to Ukraine. The only exceptions are: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. However, check with the Ukrainian consulate in your country to confirm the necessity or otherwise. On confirmation that you will need a visa, then the following requirements apply:

  • A valid international passport;
  • Original admission / invitation letter;
  • A confirmation letter to the Ukrainian consulate in your country from the university;
  • A copy of the contract (optional);
  • Medical health insurance;
  • HIV certificate;
  • Two-way air ticket;

Once every thing is in place, the embassy will issue you a study visa. The study visa duration is usually 1 year, so be sure to use it while it is valid. Now, it is time for your travel requirements. Don’t forget to inform us with your arriving details with a week time in advance, to be able to pick you up at the airport!

3 – Travel Requirements:

  • International valid Passport;
  • Two way ticket;
  • Entry Student’s Visa;
  • Migration card (it must be filled in by you in the airport upon arrival to Airport/Ukraine);
  • Original Invitation Letter;
  • All original school and Medicine certificates translated and legalized from your home country, and Ukrainian embassy;

4 – Welcome To Ukraine**

Our agent will meet you in airport, holding a table written over it Study In Ukraine, you should contact our agent in airport to complete all arrangements and accompany you to the university, and the university hostel.

5 – University Registration Requirements:

At this stage, you will have to go with our agent through the university registration process. You will need all the originals of all the original documents you used for processing your admission. Next is medicine test. Then you will be issued a one year student residential permit, the necessary university and hostel identity cards, academic materials and you are ready for the resumption your first educational experiences studying in Ukraine.   ** A representative of “Study In Ukraine” will meet the student at the airport holding “Study In Ukraine” name board and escort him/her to the university and the students’ hostel. “Study In Ukraine” must be intimated about the flight details (flight number, date and time of arrival, city of arrival and name of airport) seven days in advance for proper arrangement of pick up. ** The student will not be allowed to leave the airport and enter the Ukrainian territory until a representative of “Study In Ukraine” meets him/her at the airport with the power of attorney from the University. This is according to the official Rules and Regulations of Ukrainian Immigration Department of First time arriving/entering students. * Students that did not finish or are close to finish their studies at their school, college or university but did not receive their study qualifications certificates because the documents will be issued in the near future, they can send in the mean time the transcripts/marks and an undersigned auto-certification that informs us that you will send the requested documents as soon you will receive them.

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