Admission Procedures

Admission Procedures

Admission in ukraine…

Although studying in Ukraine is more affordable than a lot of other European countries you need to be sure of your finances for the period of time you will be studying.  Other than your tuition fees and hostel fees, the cost of living in Ukraine is relatively cheap compared to other destinations.  Although it is difficult to be precise on figures, an average of $100-$200 will be enough for a student who doesn’t make unnecessary purchases.  Note, that this will vary from student to student, depending on how much you spend and on what.


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University Admission Procedures in Steps…

1 – Satisfy necessary requirements

You need to confirm with us to determine the entry requirements for the course you wish to study.  This is very necessary, as it will determine if you are qualified to obtain admission for the course you are applying for by completing the “Application Form”.

Available travelling documentation

You need to confirm if you will need a visa to enter Ukraine.  Make sure you have at least one year remaining on your international passport.  You don’t want to arrive and then find that the first thing you need to do is try to sort out a soon to expire passport.  If your passport is not valid or has expired, you should make sure you have enough time to sort a new one before applying to study abroad.

2 – Admission procedures stage

Your next step is to complete and submit our online application form.

We will assess your documents, and if they are acceptable. On acceptance, you may be asked to confirm your interest by paying the tuition fees.

From then on, we will send out an official admission / invitation letter to you, this confirms that you have been granted admission to the university for the course indicated in the letter.  This is supported with a confirmation letter also sent to the Ukrainian consulate in your home country.

3 – Visa Application Stage

Now that you have your confirmation letter, you can apply for your student visa through the Ukrainian consulate in your home country.  You need to make sure you find out the embassy’s visa requirements, do not leave anything to chance, you should visit the embassy in your country for the most up to date requirements for the student visa.  This visa is not an unlimited visa, so make sure you do use it while it is valid, or you will have to re-apply.

Travel stage and preparation

Once your visa has been successfully processed, it is time to prepare for the trip.  Decide on the best date for you to travel, and stick to it. Remember that the academic activities start between September 1st  to the end of February, if you are on the language programme then you have to arrive no later than 15th January.  If you were to arrive a week or two early, this would give you plenty of time to complete the registration, fully settle in and to get ready for the course to commence, use this information when selecting the date you will travel.  Once you have decided on the date you will travel, go to the travel agent or ticket office and book your ticket.  The earlier you can do this the better, and remember to make sure that the ticket is a one-year open ticket.

Clothing and weather conditions

Ukraine has four seasons, if you are aware of similar weather conditions you will know what clothing to take, if not, please read on carefully.  In summer the temperature can get as high as 35oC and in winter it can go as low as -8-10oC, these however are not the limits and as you are likely to arrive in Ukraine towards the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, you should be equipped with warm clothing for temperatures ranging from +20oC to +5oC.  However, do check the weather forecast before your trip.  If you have good winter clothing, take that with you, if you do not, please do not buy any specially, as you will be able to buy good quality winter clothing in Ukraine at affordable prices, and they are made with the local weather conditions in mind.

4 – Arrival

Inform us of your travel date, arrival time, port of arrival and flight information.  You will have to be greeted at the airport by us.  Because of this, you must inform us of your travel plans at least one week before your departure. You may be denied entry to Ukraine if there is no one there to meet you. This is the condition of your open dated one-year ticket, so you really need to play by the rules.  As with all travelling, do not carry any dangerous or harmful material with you, fill in the immigration form given to you at the airport, and keep it safe and with you at all times.  Make sure you have your travel insurance in place and you are set to go.

University registration stage

Welcome to Ukraine.  At this stage our agent will guide you through the university’s registration process. You will need the originals of all documentation you have been using for processing your application.  After this there is an in house medical examination.  You will then be issued with a one year student residential permit, the relevant university and hostel ID cards, your academic materials and then you are ready to commence your study in Ukraine.