International Students

As International student looking to Study in Ukraine you have the choice of many universities in Ukraine.  No matter where you are coming from you will find that your period of time spent at a University in Ukraine will never be wasted.  Providing you put in the hard work need (as it is with any degree course), your time spent at a university in Ukraine will be very worthwhile and rewarding.  You may be worried that your qualification won’t be regarded the same as if you were to study in your home country, we can assure you that any degree that has been obtained as a result of Study in Ukraine is recognized by WHO, UNESCO and others, as being equal to a degree taken in another country.

What courses can you take in your Ukraine study?  The answer to that is simple, plenty!  The choices you have are wide and only limited by your choice of Ukraine University.  There are many different cities within the country of Ukraine, most have a university that will offer a good selection of courses.  Depending on where you chose for your Ukraine study will be down to your personal choice and the course you wish to take.

For example many foreign students choose their Ukraine study to be in the capital city of the country, this being Kiev.  Within this fine city there are many universities, all of excellent quality.  Opting to study in Ukraine at Kiev University itself are many students from abroad.  Kiev University is the third largest university within the capital Kiev itself, and is a very highly regarded learning establishment.  There are many choices for Ukraine study at Kiev University including the most popular courses in Engineering and Medicine.  These are not the only choices though, and you will be guided through your choice of course and which university would serve you best once you have decided that you wish to take your degree abroad and you choose to study in Ukraine.

Another popular choice with foreign students opting for study in Ukraine is Kharkov (Kharkiv) University.  This is still within the capital city of Kiev, and is one of the oldest universities in the country.  Founded in 1804 Kharkov (Kharkiv) university is one of the top performing further education establishments in the country, and has proved to be an excellent choice for students from aboard.  Again, being one of the oldest universities in the country, you will find a huge choice of courses available to you at Kharkov (Kharkiv) University.  In addition to the Engineering and Medicine courses, you will see that your choices are not limited but also include courses in IT and Nursing.  In addition to these popular and very academic courses, one that is proving to be gaining many more foreign students are the design courses.

Design is in no way a lower degree than the medicine or engineering courses, it is just that as more students from abroad have opted for Ukraine study, they have reported back to their friends about the great time they are having here, so more of their friends are considering study in Ukraine as a viable option.  This means that design courses have grown in popularity amongst foreign students, having already been a popular degree course within Ukraine itself.  All the courses are taught in English, so you have no need to worry about learning Russian – unless of course, you want to take the course in Russian, in which case that is possible too.  This would not only give you a world class degree, but show employers that you have learn a new language along the way.

Conversational Russian is something you will learn along your way whilst you undertake Ukraine study.  Mainly because, although you are likely to be using the accommodation provided by the university, there will be many opportunities for you to go out and about within Ukraine itself, and therefore speak with the local population.  Many do speak English anyway, but it’s always nice to attempt to speak in the native language, and they will appreciate you for trying.  If you really wanted to immerse yourself in the native language, but still study your course in English, there is the option to live with a host family during your time here.  This will be more expensive than staying in with other students at the hostel accommodation provided by the university, but some foreign students do like this option.

So, don’t forget that you have so many different options available to you, enabling your time of study in Ukraine to be a wonderful and challenging experience.  Whatever the course you want to study, be it in medicine (from General Practitioner, through Dentistry and everything between), or engineering (and there are many different specific areas within engineering you can study or you can choose general engineering).  As well as the courses available in IT, nursing and design.  The choice is only limited by what YOU want to learn.

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