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The Ukrainian immigration law sets the guidelines and conditions that foreign nationals and stateless individuals must follow when immigrating to Ukraine.

If the interested foreign nationals adhere to the grounds set by Ukrainian legislation, then they will be given the permission for immigration. These grounds are stated in the Fourth Article of Ukrainian Law on Immigration.
Immigration permit is provided on the basis of an immigration quote decided upon by Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers in accordance with the prescribed procedure covering the following immigrant classifications:

  1. cultural labourer and scientists whose immigration will be beneficial to Ukraine;
  2. very capable workers and specialists workers who will immensely contribute to the country’s economy;
  3. individuals who invested into the country’s economy a quantity of at least $100,000 (This investment must be properly registered in adherence to the prescribed process);
  4. individuals who are a sibling, a grandchild or a grandparent of a Ukrainian national;
  5. individuals who were formerly Ukrainian citizens;
  6. parents or spouses of immigrants and their minor children;
  7. individuals who continually stayed in the country within three years from the time of granting their asylum or refugee status and their spouses, parents and minor children who resided together with them.

People not covered by the mentioned quote can be granted immigration permit if they meet any of the following conditions:

  1. a spouse of a Ukrainian national whose marriage is registered for at least two years, parents and children of Ukrainians;
  2. individuals who act as trustees or guardians of Ukrainian nationals or individuals who fall under the guardianship of Ukrainians;
  3. individuals who can become Ukrainian citizens on the grounds of geographic origin;
  4. individuals persons whose immigration is a state interest for Ukraine;
  5. foreign Ukrainians, the husbands or wives of these foreign Ukrainians and their children if they reside together in the country.

The Ninth Article of the Ukrainian Immigration Law states that the immigration permit application must be submitted:

  1. by individuals who the persons who permanently stay overseas to Ukraine’s consular and diplomatic missions at their respective places of permanent residency;
  2. by individuals who reside in Ukraine on the legal basis to the designated regional division of Ukraine’s MIA.

The immigration permit application must be personally delivered by the interested applicant to the proper state institution. The application may be sent by another individual or through post if the applicant has a valid reason, such as natural calamity or serious illness. The application just needs to go together with a notarised authorisation letter. Legal representatives may take care of the processing of immigration permit to be granted to disabled individuals and minors.

If either parent immigrates together with minor children, he or she must grant a notarised sworn statement by his or her spouse that certifies he or she allows the immigration of their children with the other parent. If this consent cannot be provided, the immigrating parent must acquire an official order from the proper agencies for permitting the children to reside with their travelling parent. This official order must be legalised by Ukraine’s consular post in the place of residency. Exemption may exist depending on what is mandated by a related Ukrainian international treaty.

The following requirements must be complied in order to acquire an immigration permit:

  1. duplicate of identification paper that verifies the stateless status or citizenship of the applicant;
  2. three 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm pictures;
  3. document that has details on one’s Ukrainian and overseas residencies;
  4. valid document containing information on the applicant’s family composition (possible documents include duplicate of marriage certification, birth certificate and adoption document);
  5. health document, which verifies that the applicant is not suffering from narcomania, chronic alcoholism, toxicomania or any infectious disease identified by the designated institution on health concerns (keep in mind that this requirement is not related to the individuals stated in the first and third clauses of the third section of the fourth article under the Ukrainian Migration Act.

The files provided by the appropriate agencies in the foreign state must be legalised except if exempted by a Ukrainian international treaty. Duplicates of these files and written verification of approval for immigration originating from the inviting parties must be notarised. Requirements that have data that may be modified must be provided at most six months from the issuance date.

If the Ukrainian legislation demands certain payments for the formalities associated to the provision of immigration permit, then the immigration permit application must be submitted together with receipts or similar documents that prove the compliance of the necessary payments.

Your application will be discarded if you lack any document that is mandated by the Ukrainian law for your migration. Concerned institutions processing the migration concerns can demand other files for specifying the basis for issuing one’s immigration permit. These institutions can demand the applicant or other related individuals for an interview.

You can expect your application to be completely processed at most twelve months after you submitted your immigration permit application.

Rules for entering Ukraine and providing Certificate for Permanent Residence within the country…

The Ukrainian consular or diplomatic mission grants immigration visa to a deserving applicant who permanently stays overseas. This provided document remains useful up to one year after the issuance date. The person holding this type of document can enter the country in accordance to the rules mandated by the Ukrainian legislation.

When you arrive in the country, you must provide an application for acquiring PRC or Permanent Residence Certificate. This certificate validates your right for permanently staying within Ukrainian territory. The PRC application must be submitted to the designated regional migration body at your place of residency. You have to attach a copy of your immigration permit, immigration visa and passport. The PRC must be issued within seven days from the time the designated immigration agency accepts the application.

The PRC for an individual who resides in Ukrainian territory and who obtains the necessary immigration permit must be provided by the designated government agency within seven days of accepting the application.

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