Parents FAQ

Parents FAQ

Most asked questions by parents…

Q:  What is “Study in Ukraine” and who are the people involved?

A:  We are a global network that advocates international education. We are affiliated to hundreds of partner universities in many countries across different continents. We are a non-profit organisation that enables thousands of students every year to study in foreign territory and/or benefit from our student exchange programme.

We have a strong emphasis on immersion programmes. This focus signifies that the participating students will study and live together with the local students of the country hosting them. Students under any of our programme will be enabled to access most of the courses and the services offered by the foreign university. However, they must condition themselves to successfully live through an independent form of the student experience.

All universities affiliated to us have designated staff members who will act as our coordinators. These coordinators guarantee that the international students will not encounter serious concerns during the processes of application and placement. You can expect a coordinator to efficiently arrange the residency and educational arrangements for your child. A coordinator conducts on-site orientation to the foreign students under our programme and he, or she also functions as a local resource person.

Our staff assesses the applications submitted by interested students, establishes the placement of qualified applications and supervises the student exchange process by coordinating with partner universities in different parts of the globe. We deliver student transcripts from the host university to the corresponding academic institution at home.

Q:  Will my child be able to finish his or her university education as scheduled?

A:  Your child is expected to graduate on time if he or she conducts a very careful planning of his/her subjects for the approaching semester or academic year. Your child will identify the classes that he or she plans to study during the application process. We will provide an official academic transcript to his or her home educational institution. The credits for the taken subjects will be reflected depending upon the guidelines set by the home institution.

Q:  How much must I prepare for my child’s education in a foreign country?

A:  We definitely provide one of the least costly means for studying overseas. Your child needs to consult us regarding the opportunities for studying in a foreign university.

Q:  Will my child be safe when he or she goes abroad to pursue further education in Ukraine?

A: Trust and accountability are the bases for our policies on student health and safety. “Student in Ukraine” has been established several decades ago. We have established a very dependable network of affiliated academic institutions in many countries, which concur to our Terms of Participation with regards to exchange of students. Our central office and the academic institutions affiliated to us share the accountability for constantly assessing the national and local conditions that influence the safety of the foreign students under our programme. We share significant knowledge to the participants who entrusted themselves to us. You must keep in mind that the students entrusted to us has the responsibility of familiarizing themselves with the helpful materials that we share. These students must adhere to the safety guidelines that we and our partner universities implement.

We are not capable of absolutely guaranteeing the safety of the international students, and we cannot completely remove all the dangers related to their stay in foreign territory. Despite this reality, you must not feel excessively worried given that we will never send students to any country that our research portrays to be risky for the students. We perform our best to ensure that the students will become well informed about the things they deserve to know about the programmes we generously offer. If you may have any specific questions, please feel free to drop us a message.

Q:  What will happen if an unfortunate emergency arises?

A: A very large percentage of our programmes are considered as immersion programmes. Your child will be integrated together with the local students of his or her selected foreign university. All our partner institutions have designated on-campus coordinators for supporting our programme participants in their various necessities. These coordinators act as our primary contact people when unfortunate emergencies arise.

Q:  How will I be able to contact my child while he or she is studying overseas?

A:  By the time they arrive in their selected and designated countries, most students immediately buy mobile phones that come with prepaid calling plans. Students will also be granted access to their respective universities’ computer laboratories and Internet connection services. A large number of students rely on cybercafes to perform inexpensive international calls through Skype or other similar Internet programmes.

Q:  Should I visit my child while he or she is studying in Ukraine?

A:  Studying abroad is a unique and important part of your student’s educational and life experiences.

You are strongly advised to allow your child to travel alone when proceeding to his or her host university. Despite the emotional hardships that you must go through, you must permit your child to become independent during his or her travel into a new territory and immersion into a new culture. This sacrifice will permit your child to hone the skills necessary for adapting to the life in Ukraine or another country.

You are discouraged from visiting your child while he or she is busily studying. Your visit may, unfortunately, become detrimental to the academic performance of your son or daughter. However, you are motivated to meet your child during the substantial break between two semesters or when his or her educational programme ends.

Q:  How will the student be able to acquire his or her visa?

A:  Our organisation and the host university will provide the needed letters and related papers for making your child acquire and utilise his or her visa. You have to keep in mind that the student is responsible for knowing about the various requirements and the processes involved in obtaining the necessary travel documents. Keep in mind that the entire procedure may consume several days. Given this, your child must immediately commence the procedure if he or she is truly interested in our programme. You can learn about the necessary details by reading our Services, contacting us, or by consulting the proper embassy.

Q:  Who can be contacted for gaining further information?

A:  Given that our partner universities are manned by our coordinators, these coordinators will act as your main source of information during the entire process. Your child will be provided with details for contacting both the home and host universities. Your son or daughter will accept an Institutional Information Sheet by the time he or she gets admitted into the programme. The IIS outlines all the significant knowledge regarding your child’s future host university. You can browse through our website, or direct contact us, if you wish to become adequately knowledgeable about specific academic programmes, general application procedures and helpful resources for foreign students.