Parents and Family

Parents and Family

By enrolling to a Ukraine university, you are introducing yourself to an excellent educational atmosphere and a great opportunity for graduating with a world class degree.

We acknowledge your parents as significant partners in your attainment of success. In many cases, parents play important roles in mentoring and assisting their children during the transition from high school to college education. There are numerous existing strategies and devices that can effectively facilitate this transition. There are also various approaches that you can use for balancing your studies with other college activities. You can take advantage of the different opportunities and services for enhancing your skills in facing interviews, writing convincing resumes and preparing for other challenges that you must conquer after your university life.

Parents and Family visits …

If any of your parent wishes to visit you while you are studying in Ukraine, your father or your mother have to consult and coordinate with us to arrange the desired visit.

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You always have the freedom to consult any of our advisers if you want to be clarified regarding your available study choices, the entry requirements demanded by your desired university, the specifics of the university admission process or any relevant query about studying in Ukraine.