Student Advisory

Student Advisory

What is student advisory ?

The Students Advisory Services or SAS has the objective of providing future and existing students under “Study in Ukraine” significant knowledge and vital tips for making very rational and highly dependable decisions. SAS conducts research, grants relevant information and regularly coordinates with other stakeholders.

Student Advisory Services coordinates administrative responsibility with public relations. The office conducts the following:

  • Responding to the students’ personal or practical concerns that are associated with their future careers and current educational progress;
  • Formation and retention of positive association with educational institutions especially post-secondary schools;
  • Supporting the registrar in addressing questions that are associated to the study courses;
  • Providing of helpful advices to interested foreign applicants and vocationally associated clients.

SAS closely coordinates with the various offices under the registrar like the Admissions and Records Office, and the Counseling Services Office.

You can set an appointment by contacting the student advisor through: +380 97 388 1997, or by email.

SAS main office is situated in office numbers 202 and 204 at Elene Teligi Street, Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine.