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A major responsibility held by our International and European Union Office is the granting of efficient assistance to students who are currently under our programme or who may someday become a part of such programme. We will willingly inform the interested students about the application process, course requirements, necessities involving the use of English language, residence in another country, various types of visas, healthcare services, payment of tuition fees and assistance when migrating to another country. We currently assist eight thousand full-time foreign students and around 2,200 transfer and exchange students resulting from the continually improving association between Ukrainian academic institutions and foreign universities. While browsing deeper into the website, you’ll learn about the necessary steps when applying to a Ukraine university as an exchange, transfer or full-time student. We perform our best to guarantee that this website will only present accurate and reliable information. You just need to keep in mind that the knowledge you’ll acquire here are exclusively for guiding you. They may not be as elaborate as what you expected. We adhere to the policy of regularly updating the information we present to match the changes made regarding the offered courses and the necessary admission documents. We are authorised to remove, modify or upgrade courses within any school year based on the student population and available educational resources. You are strongly encouraged to consult the International and European Union Office before processing your application based on the information you acquired from our website. Prospective foreign students and interested applicants with overseas qualifications must contact: International Office: Study in Ukraine, Elene Teligi street 41, Kiev 04086 – Ukraine. Telephone Number: +380 97 388 1997 Fax Number: +380 44 2787 272 We provide high quality services to future students, work training applicants, parents and related groups Our offered services belong to any of the following primary classifications:

  • Pre admission assistance
  • Smooth arrival
  • Post enrolment support

Pre-admission assistance

We perform an expense-free pre-assessment application service. We will closely coordinate with your application of admission into an accredited Ukrainian university. We will assist your acquisition of the needed official invitation letter and visa support letter from your selected university.

Smooth arrival

We will support you in getting your immigration clearance. We will facilitate your smooth airport reception and eventual travel to your desired academic institution. We will assist your general registration into your university and arrange your accommodation. We will ensure that you will have your visa and that you will get registered on time.

Post-enrolment support

We will facilitate your attainment of a general orientation. We will facilitate the setting up of your bank account while you are staying in the country. We will conduct various activities to ascertain that you will have a convenient academic life. We will grant whatever support we can provide you to make you a very efficient student.

Advising Services

Our Advising Centre assists students who desire to study in a Ukrainian university by providing the following helpful services:

  • Conducting of one-on-one consultation.
  • Making the centre’s advising library accessible to interested students.
  • Providing students with Internet connection.
  • Reliable assistance on the selection of academic institution to be entered, preparation for entrance exams, acquisition of offered scholarship programmes and processing on various types of application.
  • Sharing of information regarding leadership programmes and summer camps.
  • Conducting of orientation workshops for interested applicants prior their departure.
  • Scheduling the visit of the representatives sent by Ukrainian academic institutions.
  • Granting of invitations that entice students to take part in education-associated fairs.

The mentioned services are available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French and Spanish languages. Our International Students Services office is dedicated to the assistance of students when who are bothered by concerns and queries related to their academic performance and overall welfare. We contribute to the advancement of cross-cultural understanding, promotion of diversity appreciation and enhancement of academic lives of our foreign students studying in Ukraine. We are always willing to accurately answer your important questions, which may be related to visa concerns, your liberty to take a part-time job, your transportation by the end of the semester and your family’s travel to Ukrainian territory. You can expect the office to support you in maintaining the current status of your visa. You can depend on it to postpone the termination of your programme. The office is always willing to grant you the fundamental knowledge concerning passports and other travel documents. You may consult the office regarding the authorisation of your planned travel. In addition, the office also hands out invitation letters whenever significant events happen. You just have to remember that the content and knowledge you can gain from our International Students Services office website may be changed whenever Ukrainian regulatory bodies sense the necessity for any update. The information provided by the office may not be elaborate enough to address all your significant queries. You must remember that foreign students are the ones accountable for the maintenance of the status of their respective visas.