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Sixteen Years of Five-Star Service

We take pride in the many thousands of students who have immensely benefitted from the services that has diligently provided within the last sixteen years. We strive in granting you exceptional services that match your personal needs. Your satisfaction is our main goal, and we will do anything to grant it to you. You will definitely have an amazing time while getting educated in Ukraine.

We can facilitate your admission into any of the best Ukrainian academic institutions. You don’t have to spend anything for our generous services. You will even accept a valuable gift when you register yourself under any desired course through our assistance.

High Quality Education Guaranteed

We guarantee that the schools affiliated to us have been meticulously screened to match the high standards of international students who wish to study inside the country. Our strict criteria include accreditation by state-acknowledged institutions and exceptional academic history. We ascertain that you will meet what you anticipate in living and pursuing your further studies within the country. We assure you that your group lessons will last for at least 45 minutes and that you will not be placed in subjects that exceed the ideal class size. Keep in mind that Ukrainian universities will assess your language level prior to the commencement of your course. Language schools need to be equipped with a complaint process, and they are obliged to reply to written complaints within two days.

Full Service Guarantee

You can always rely on our services prior to, in the course of and after studying within the country. We have numerous seasoned and highly approachable consultants who can communicate with you in numerous languages. You can definitely consult about studying in Ukraine using your first language. We are a highly reliable partner that you can always approach if you will have a conflict with your future Ukrainian educational institution.

Lowest Price Guarantee

We assure you that you will spend the minimum amount possible for getting educated under a Ukraine university. You won’t find alternative means of booking your course that are cheaper than the approach we offer you. Furthermore, we generously grant amazing gifts to successful applicants who will be able to study within the country through our assistance. You cannot be blessed with these wonderful gifts if you book directly with your chosen school or university.

No Agency Fee Guarantee

We assure you that your Ukraine study will not incur you any agency fee if you will choose us to facilitate it. We are much better and more practical than alternative tour agencies or operators given that we won’t charge you any fee aside from the original cost of your education under your desired academic institution. This is possible because we act as official representatives of the best Ukrainian schools.

Hundred Percent Payment Protection Guarantee

You simply have to book your education through our website to take advantage of our offered education payment protection. Such protection comes without any additional cost. In the unfortunate possibility that your chosen university will go bankrupt, the amount you will pay won’t be wasted. We guarantee the subsidiary payments you will make for your education.

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