Equivalent Degree

Qualifications of Equivalent Degree

Equivalent Degree of International Transcripts…

Applicants who have successfully undergone their respective educational programs would receive their baccalaureate degrees from acknowledged universities or colleges. Students who possess credentials from another country must comply with the necessary qualifications equivalent degree. You have to consult us to learn about the degrees recognized by the Graduate School. The degrees are presented by country.

Necessities for acknowledging international credential:

  • The educational record, diploma or student transcript needs to be officially issued by the attended university or college. Such document must be submitted in its original language. If the original document is not issued by your attended academic institution, then you must have it photocopied in full size and notarized. If your academic document is not originally presented in English, you must attach a certified English translation.
  • The transcript you’ll submit must present the grades you attained for every subject in each academic year. It must also contain the number of hours for each week, and the number of weeks you spent studying each subject.
  • Your transcript of records must provide specific course details. Specific subject names need to be presented and general subject names will not suffice. For example, your transcript must mention algebraic topology or differential equations instead of mathematics.
  • You have to scan and upload your transcript by the time you apply. If you will be successfully admitted, you must provide an official paper transcript before you get registered.