Contract Training

Contract Training

Contract Training in Ukraine Enhancing Managerial Capabilities…

“Study in Ukraine” has been providing vital knowledge to people who desire to make their respective organisations excel on a massive scale. We started granting this training in 2002. You can definitely benefit from our world-class management skill training regardless of your nationality. We have already successfully conducted training courses within Ukraine. An example of such courses is the Course for Recruitment and Selection Training.

Worldwide Project Team

The country has commissioned us to conduct a two-day learning programme that will improve the staff in terms of present recruitment guidelines, policy on granting of equal opportunities, and diversification strategy.

The delegates have first gone through the Recruitment and Selection electronic learning module for empowering them to get well acquainted about the policies, guidelines and standards imposed by their organisation. After completing the learning module, the delegates underwent a facilitated programme for providing them sufficient chance to review and practice the two vital processes of competency-based interviewing and short-listing.

Management Training

The ultimate objective of this pre-service training is to enable you to perform safe and efficient work when dealing with your future assignments in certain designated communities. The training emphasises on the adaptation of your current experiences and capabilities to match the Ukrainian setting. The training also dwells on granting you new knowledge, perceptions and capabilities for allowing you to efficiently take care of your personal safety and health within your workplace and for making you undergo a smooth integration into your new community. The mentioned programme has five primary components. These are training for enhancing your technical skills, language training, training for adapting to a new culture, medical training, and security and safety training. A vital component of the entire training programme is the PST or pre-service training where you must reside with a selected Ukrainian family.

The training programme acknowledges that various trainees have distinct capabilities, experiences, adaptability, independence and level of curiosity. Given this, the training is intended to grant you effective techniques for acquiring greater responsibility in performing your personal learning.

Peace Corps/Ukraine applies a community-based training approach. The training group will only meet in your assigned training hub during the initial pre-service training orientation, for several days while undergoing your PST, and at the conclusion of your training. These durations are also called the Arrival Retreat, the PST University and the Swearing-In Retreat. For a substantial duration of your training, you have to reside in a cluster. This cluster refers to a village or town that is situated a 2-3 hour ride away from the Peace Corps Office located in Kyiv. You must reside together with a cross-cultural and language facilitator, a cultural and technical facilitator, and three or four fellow trainees. As dictated by your future designation, you have to get acquainted with either Russian or Ukrainian language. Furthermore, you have to complete several assignments within the community that will serve as opportunities for honing and practicing your acquired skills and previous experiences. By the middle of your training program, you’ll be provided with your site designation and you’ll obtain the chance for visiting your future site and meeting your Ukrainian equivalents.

The training programme we provide is based on competency, and you’ll, therefore, be frequently assessed according to your capability of obtaining and enacting capacity building, community integration and personal safety competencies that are necessary for becoming a proficient volunteer and efficient community member.

Technical Training

Technical training prepares you for your future work by enhancing the current capabilities you possess and by bestowing you with new capabilities that are appropriate for enacting your future obligations in your designated community. This training will be handled by Peace Corps personnel, Ukrainian professionals and present Peace Corps volunteers. The technical training focuses on enabling you to adapt your skills into the community where you will perform your volunteer work.

The technical training will have sessions on Ukraine’s general political and economic setting, the country’s education system and appropriate techniques that match the framework possessed by Ukraine. You have to review the objectives, functions and aims of the project. You will undergo on-the-job training that matches your specific track by getting involved in technical sessions and implementing your internship obligations.

Language Training

For a volunteer under the Peace Corps, language skills are vital for attaining professional and personal fulfilment in conducting one’s service. Language skills are, therefore, crucial to your success as a volunteer. These skills will make you effectively integrate yourself with your assigned community, and they will empower you to adapt to previously unvisited territories with ease. Many people acknowledge that language training is the core training under the overall programme. You need to pass at least the minimum language requirements in order for your training to be completed and for you to truly become a Peace Corps volunteer.

Community-based approached will be applied in your language training. Aside from classroom periods, you must also perform assignments that will be done outside your classroom and together with the family serving as your host. The language training aims that you will develop fundamental communication skills that you can hone and utilise when you are already at the designated site. Before you get sworn in as a Peace Corps volunteer, you must strive hard on continuing your language education within the duration of your voluntary service.

Cross-Cultural Training

You must reside together with a Ukrainian host family as required by your PST. This component of the training allows you to easily adapt to your future assignments. You host family will be oriented by Peace Corps personnel regarding the goals of PST and for guiding them in making you adapt to the Ukrainian life. More often than not, the Peace Corp volunteers establish long-lasting positive relationships with their respective host families.

Cross-cultural training will enable you to develop your communication capabilities. The training will make you thoroughly comprehend your job as development facilitator. The program will expose you to various significant topics like adult education approaches, gender and development, political frameworks and cultural values.

Health Training

You must undergo fundamental health training and acquire basic medical information while undergoing PST. You’ll be anticipated to enact preventive healthcare. You’ll be expected to handle your personal health by complying with all mandated medical polices. You and your fellow trainees must participate in all medical sessions. These sessions will cover various topics like preventive health strategies; safety and security, and health concerns, which you may encounter while you live in Ukraine.  The medical sessions also cover lessons on avoiding STDs like AIDS, establishing safe living compound and taking care of your mental health.

Safety and Security Training

Under this training, you will acquire lessons on developing a lifestyle that significantly decreases your risks during your travel, stay in your residence and time in your workplace. You will be educated on appropriate and efficient strategies for dealing with undesirable attention. Your awareness on your personal safety during the conduct of your voluntary service will also be raised.

Other Training Activities during Your Volunteer Service

The Peace Corps actively enacts a training scheme for providing volunteers continuous opportunities for enhancing their cross-cultural and technical capabilities. While performing your volunteer service, you will undergo at least two training events. These include the following:

  • In-service training: This grants you an effective opportunity for honing your project development, technical and language skills while sharing your experience to other people. Regional meetings, professional conferences and language refreshers, are some specific activities under in-service training. Ongoing language education is a main priority of this form of training. Given this, you can take advantage of the expanded language materials and tutorial services provided by the Peace Corps.
  • Close-of-service conference: This allows you to do your future activities adequately after performing your Peace Corps duties. Here, your personal experiences and projects will be reviewed.

The number, length, and design of these trainings are adapted to country-specific needs and conditions. The key to the training system is that training events are integrated and interrelated from the pre-departure orientation to the end of your service and are well organised, implemented, and carefully evaluated by the Peace Corps staff, training staff, as well as Volunteers.

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