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We offer a multilingual of au pairs, host families, nannies and caregivers for seniors from across the globe. This has been granting services since in 1997. It was initiated by seasoned child care providers. This has already assisted numerous families in attaining highly capable nannies and au pairs who would assist in the performance of their household and childcare responsibilities. This effectively enables an international student, a licensed professional, an au pair or a nanny to obtain a good occupation while he or she is exploring or pursuing further studies in another country.

How AuPair works?

  • Search for free,
  • Establish your personal profile,
  • Interview some applicants, and
  • Employ an Au Pair or get employed as an AuPair in Europe.

If you want to explore Ukraine, then it will be very beneficial for you to become an au pair in the country. You can certainly enjoy the Ukrainian daily life by residing in a carefully chosen Ukrainian host family that desires to provide high quality care to its children.

Being an au pair signifies that you will be treated as an equal component of your future host family…

An au pair is an international visitor who resides in a selected Ukrainian family for at least twelve months. This is possible through a Visitor Exchange Visa. Au pairs can decide to extend their stay by six, nine or twelve months after the minimum duration of one year. Aside from Ukraine, this site can also arrange your au pair stay in Germany, Finland, Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom and some other countries in Europe. This website can certainly allow you to explore, pursue further studies and/or gain new friends in a foreign country. You will definitely be assisted throughout the entire duration of your au pair experience. You will undoubtedly enjoy the Ukrainian experience. Don’t miss this magnificent and very rewarding opportunity! Contact us today for more information…