Partners and Agencies

Do you wish to become a partner or an agent under “Study in Ukraine“? 

Do you desire to have fast and convenient enrollment?

We provide your students with an amazing opportunity to pursue their education in Ukraine. The country houses numerous world-class schools, universities and academic institutions. High quality education has been around in the country for more than five centuries already.

Are you capable of providing high quality services and very wonderful experiences to the clients you encounter?

We will gladly work with you if you answered the mentioned questions with a very confident and very strong yes!

We provide students the chance to get the best that “Study in Ukraine” may give. Through our assistance, they may successfully land on the most excellent Ukrainian higher education schools, academic institutes and universities. The students don’t have to worry even if they are barely capable of reading, writing or speaking anything in Ukrainian given that the courses they’ll take will be served using the English language. Unlike many other countries, the country’s top schools don’t demand applicants to undergo any entrance examination. Aside from these, interested students don’t have to beat any TOEFL or IELTS passing score.

We will make the experience of your students as stress-free as possible as exemplified by the guaranteed admission they’ll conveniently get through our service. We’ll make sure that each student will get his or her visa 100% free of any serious issue. Ukrainian schools possess study environments that are filled with a lot of very helpful resources and facilities. A typical Ukraine university has world-class classrooms and computer laboratories. In addition, Ukrainian schools typically have rich libraries, and they also offer free WIFI.

During summer breaks, the participating students may be able to have part-time jobs in the United Kingdom or another European country. We set up social and cultural activities within Kiev, Ukraine’s capital city, and some other Ukrainian cities on a weekly basis. You can completely trust the housing and airport transfer services that we diligently offer. We’ll perform everything we can, to make each international student’s life in Ukraine as good as or even better than the life he or she is living in the home country.  Although the students will be enjoying what European living standard really means, they don’t have to worry about exhausting their financial resources for making the dream of studying in another country a reality.

If you wish to become one of our agents, you just have to download the “Study in Ukraine Brochure” and the “Agent Manual and Agreement”. After comprehending the mentioned downloadable documents, you will just need to sign the Agent’s Agreement and have it delivered to us. Don’t forget to incorporate details regarding your business.

You can call us or send us an email if you still have several significant queries after reading the mentioned documents.

The Services We Provide to Our Partners are:

  • Acquisition of invitation letters for studying under accredited Ukrainian universities
  • Providing of information regarding the various Ukrainian universities and the diverse faculties that Ukraine offers
  • Prompt processing of individual applications
  • Translation of application papers
  • Assistance in obtaining Student Visa
  • Conduct of information sessions prior to departure

If you’re an agency or individual agent who desires to become a representative for “Study in Ukraine” within your country, you simply have to coordinate with us in order to set your conversation with any of our manager teams.