Medical Insurance

Medical insurance

Before arriving in Ukraine, you need to ensure that you have adequate health insurance coverage during your trip.

The Ukrainian parliament passed a law in 1997 requiring all visitors to Ukraine to obtain mandatory health insurance from the state joint-stock insurance company Ukrinmedstrach at their point of entry into Ukraine.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has advised the embassy that holders of official or diplomatic passports are exempt from this requirement. However, there have been cases where travelers with official passports have been required to buy the insurance. To date, the cost has not exceeded $40 per traveler.

According to the information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Ukrinmedstrach was “created for the purpose of developing a state program to ensure that foreign citizens receive high-quality emergency medical assistance in Ukraine”. In other words, the program, primarily, guarantees that any visitor to Ukraine will have continuing access to the public health system in emergency cases and, secondly, it ensures that the facilities rendering emergency care are compensated for their services.

This required insurance can be purchased after arrival but covers only the costs of basic medical care inside Ukraine; it does not cover medical evacuation. Public hospitals and clinics in Ukraine might refuse to treat you if you do not have this insurance. Private clinics do not require Ukrainian public health insurance, but can be as expensive.

The cost of medical insurance, according to information from Ukrainian authorities, does not depend on the term of validity, or type of, visa but on the length of a foreign traveller stay in Ukraine. The cost for the insurance is: from 1 to 5 days approx. $4, for 30 days $22, from 181 to 210 days – 334 $88, from 331 to 365 days – $100-200.

Medical insurance for foreign citizens: stays of one year…

As a new arriving student, if your study programme is longer than one year, you are entitled to the same health benefits as Ukrainian.

The application procedure can take some time, but you will be fully covered if you need medical help during the time it takes to process your application.

Please note that this medical insurance does not cover your journey to Ukraine or the time you spend in the country prior to applying for Medical of Local health insurance registration. Thus, to be fully covered for that period, you will need some form of travel insurance before arriving to Ukraine.

Foreigners are required by law to buy emergency medical insurance before entering Ukraine. The state doesn’t always accept insurance from foreign providers. The law actually requires all foreigners to buy emergency medical insurance from Ukraine’s state insurance company.

Medicine insurance, in Ukraine has reciprocal agreements for medical benefits with a number of countries. To find out whether your country has such an agreement, you should contact the social insurance office in your home country.

Students from countries with this type of agreement need only present their passport and a certificate from their national social insurance office when seeking medical help. For the reciprocal agreement to apply, the need for medical care must arise during (not prior to) your stay in Ukraine.

Students who are not covered by any of these agreements must arrange their own insurance coverage. Either purchase it in your home country, or else check with your student union. It may have a special agreement with an insurance company.

Medical treatment in Ukraine

If you need to consult a doctor (and you are covered, see above) you can either make an appointment with the doctor at health centre at your university, or go to the local health clinic.

It might be a good idea to have a thorough check-up at your dentist before leaving for Ukraine. Should you still need to consult a dentist here, go to your nearest public dental clinic. For urgent dental treatment, see the emergency dental clinic. Doctors speak good English. “Study in Ukraine” may be able to assist you if you would like to consult a doctor that speaks another foreign language.


There are no vaccination requirements for any international traveller entering Ukraine. However, some universities may require a medical certificate as part of the application to their programmes.