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Ukraine study, business and tourist visas are issued in the consulate of Ukraine and Ukraine embassy offices. “Study in Ukraine” can assist you get your Ukraine visa instantly by adhering to the user-friendly instruction comprising all of the visa, requirements and form application.

After examining the visa details for travel to Ukraine, you are free to contact us or our office and talk to our visa help consultant who can answer any questions you are about to ask about Ukraine study, business and travel visas.

When is the right time to apply for Ukrainian Visa?

Three to four weeks prior your travel period is the right time to apply for your visa. Besides visa itself might only take a couple of days to process but it is always recommended to process it earlier for any unexpected circumstances that might happen during the processing period. In case this is last minute travel, leave all your worries, you are in good hands, however do not hesitate to call us to discuss and explain your side in detail.

“Visa Validity” means what?

Validity means that the period of the expiration of visa, like if you have three-month visa, meaning you have only three months from the date issuance to depart or enter into Ukraine (despite that the actual number of days to stay in Ukraine might be limited to 30 days only or even less). The concrete validity of your visa is normally written on you actual visa.

What exactly an “Entry” means, (Double, single and Multiple)

Single entry visa enable you to get into Ukraine single period upon the visa validity. Double visa enable you to enter the Ukraine twice within the validity of your visa. Whereas multiple entry visa enable you get into Ukraine in numerous period of time upon the validity of your visa.

Being in Ukraine, can I change the status of my business or tourist visa to a student visa?

To be able to convert the status of your visa, you must leave Ukraine and re-apply for a student visa.  Note that to get a student visa to Ukraine you would have to apply to a university and given n invitation letter.

Will the Ukrainian Consulate accept a faxed or emailed copy of my Electronic Confirmation of Enrollment?

The embassy will require the original acceptance of Invitation Letter.

Is Health Insurance Coverage needed for an International Student?

International students as well as their dependents are required to maintain sufficient health coverage, (as being in the agreement of their student visa) approved by the Ministry of Health in Ukraine for the duration of the study.

Can I switch to another institution within the first six months of the program?

Foreign learners on student visa should have to remain in the institution that they officially enrolled with the first six to eight months of their program, or when the course is not more than six months, for the length of the course. In the event the student is taking the pre-requisite course, should they need to remain with the institution of the said pre-requisite course for the duration of the program, thereafter the education provider offering the major course of study for the first six to eight calendar months.

Right after the arrival in Ukraine Country participants would like to study a completely new major course, in another education sector to their existing principal course, they might be needed to settle for a new tuition fees.

“Full-time program of study” means?

Foreign students on the said student visa are obliged to uphold a full time enrolment all the time to make sure their course is completed in the short period, with some exemption to a small number of courses. Learners who might feel to sustain a full time enrolment is subject to breach of students visa agreements.

What education development I should have to meet the terms of student visa requirements?

Student visa condition claims that every student should sustain excellent course development for every study period for the length of their program. By the end of the semester (period), a learner’s academic standing is recognized as either Conditional, Good standing or terminated. For those Terminated are deliberated as not attaining good academic progress and should be reported to Office of Immigration and Citizenship for breaking of student visa condition and this might lead to cancellation of student visa.

International students are anticipated to develop through their education at a stage that may ensure the completion of the regular length of the program wherein the student visa is given. Take for instance, when the course entails three years of full-time education, the student visa might have been granted for three years of study and learners will be anticipated to finished the course in that given time period.

When the student needs additional time to finish the course (because of the availability of the units, pre-requisites subjects and failed units) the student will have to renew their visa for another one month prior the expiration of their student visa. For more information Contact us at our International visa officer.

As an International student Will I be able to remain in Ukraine if I cancel my course or semester program?

Student should call the Immigration and Citizenship department to know their eligibility to be able to stay in Ukraine. The Office of Study in Ukraine is obliged to notify “Immigration and citizenship department” of all foreign students who are not admitted in the present period. Feel free to Contact us if you need assistance and help in this matter.

Will it be possible to work while I am studying in Ukraine?

Working as an International student in Ukraine normally requires of getting a “working permit” from the government. We can be able to extend help in this matter, feel free to send us an email.

Why Should I entrust “Study in Ukraine” when I am planning to Secure Ukraine Visa?

Getting a Ukraine visa can be a complicated process. Employing an advance service like “Study in Ukraine” that specialize in education and travel can offer you right instructions and processing times, help you through the process and give update or better yet handle and resolve the problems instantly- making the intricate processing simple. Study in Ukraine specializes in this service since 1997 and assisted thousands of travelers worldwide. We likewise assist government and private companies in the world managing international travel support services for their staff training in Ukraine.