Pre-applying FAQ

Pre-applying most asked questions and answers…

The fact that you possess that sense of adventure and wanting to try out something unique, well in that case this can make you a bit far from your friends. Search no more, by selecting study in Ukraine to further your education you will notice that you will be a step forward that will impress your future employers. Ukraine study receives outstanding reviews starting with the processing of your application for admission, visa processing and the like; they are here for you in every step you make.

Is there a meet-and-greet for Study in Ukraine participants at the airport?

Yes, study in Ukraine International office has an airport reception service for international students who are arriving from the airport for their first semester in Ukraine.

If I need a place to live in Ukraine what are the procedures in finding accommodation?

Leave your worries behind, because “Study in Ukraine” will make booking and reservation on your behalf for your accommodation in any Ukraine Institution, School or University city.

How much money should I travel with?

The amount of money would be your own personal decision but we would recommend US$500.00-1000.00; you have to ensure that you have enough money to cover your food, room and moving in charges for your accommodation upon your arrival. Make sure also that you have money to pay for temporary accommodation charges (if you have to stay in a hotel) your meals and transport charges.

Is the orientation program a compulsory for new students?

No. The orientation program provides social opportunities for new students to meet, getting to know each other and have fun. This also provides important details for new students about the rules and regulations such as visa conditions, international students health insurance coverage, on-campus services and everything that you need to know and doubts or confusions, you can obtain solutions when you attend the orientation program.

What is enrolment? When will I be enrolled?

The word “enrolment” is another term for “admission” this refers to the process of the students listing the subjects of their chosen course they want to study.  When a student is admitted or enrolled  they become a student of the University.

Are Muslims facilitated in Ukraine?


Is food Halal?

Yes, Halal food is available on all Ukraine school campus. Given that there are Spanish, Indian and Chinese kitchen. It has been said that living in Ukraine or your life in Ukraine is just like you are in your own country. Learning their culture and traditions are such an exciting experience for those who would like to further their education in Ukraine.

What are some other on-campus services obtainable to Students studying in Ukraine?

“Study in Ukraine” provides a wide range of facilities and services in and out of the campus to develop campus life. Free and private advice is available to offer support for learning and studying techniques which includes professional and cultural information on student’s localities.

Is it possible for me to spend one semester in one University and another semester at another university in any part of the world?

Yes you can, make sure you have spent enough time for this. You have to talk to your coordinator concerning visa conditions,  extra fees and other charges that might be attracted by your decision to transfer to another university.

Are all the Degrees given by Ukraine Universities recognized by UNESCO and WHO?

Yes, all the Degrees given by Ukraine Universities are recognized by these organizations.