Payments FAQ

Who do I contact for assistance?

For any inquiries for the fastest and quickest way to get assistance is via contact page.

How fast can I make payment once I’m done with my application?

From the time you have already mailed us your online application form, you are now free to transact any payments direct on the web for fast processing.

How much is the estimated time will the transaction take?

The moment you have acquired your online payment to “Study in Ukraine”, transaction will take around 5-7 working days.

Are my payment delivered directly to my institution/university?

Yes, the moment we receive the payment transaction from our bank account, we immediately make payment to your college/university.

How will I know that I have completed the payment process online? Will I receive a notification?

Normally, we provide full online transaction round the clock, meaning you can check and verify this by accessing your account and pressing on “enter your tracking” button to view the updated status of your payments and you can also view the payment history of any transactions.

Where can I get the copy of my payment transaction receipt?

You can easily get receipts of electronic fund transfer in your tracking account. This can also be found by pressing the “enter your Tracking” button in your account. Or another option is, we can send to you your electronic receipt of your payment transaction upon your request.

Is it possible for my family to make payments on my behalf through online payment?


Can I take the same currency transaction?


Are there any additional charges for using this service?

No, because all online payment transaction are totally at no cost, despite that fact that your bank creating a local transaction might impose you some charges , sadly, this is out of our control.

Will the beneficiary university be charged for getting payments from my “study in Ukraine” account?

All of our web payment services are totally at no cost and we never impose any charges for transaction, rest assured that your college/university will not receive any charges for getting your international payment.

Is my online payment transaction safe and secure?

Yes, we assure you that it is safe because we use the best SSL or secure socket layer with coverage of around 500,00 USD$ compensation as a transaction guarantee.

What are the advantages for online direct payment?

  • Proof of payment. You will get a receipt of the payment that shows your status that you can check on it anytime online.
  • Compensation. Utilizing the safest methods of payment with SSL wherein it covers $500,000 per single transaction of compensation.
  • Conserve time. Eradicates almost all administrative pertinent to overseas payments
  • Safe. “study in Ukraine is awarded the Truste Privacy Seal. Increased security account that includes SSL-128 bit encryption.
  • Save some dough. Eradicates administrative fees and charges that wire transfers or bank card incur that can lead to huge savings for the college.

Can I make cash payments at your office?

No, we do not accept any cash payments

Can you explain why cash payments is not accepted?

Due to our Accountancy system, unfortunately, we are not able to accept payments in cash.

What mode of payment is acceptable?

We accept payments only throw: Bank Transfer, TT, also possible Western Union and/or Money Gram.

How about refund? Will my fees be refunded?

Yes, any non-successful admission outcomes will get a full refund of their payment.

When is the right time to make a payment?

Before the classes starts is the best time to make payments. But, considering that we are accepting candidates within the year, some course might need special entry dates. You can directly contact us for assistance.

Will my payment be accepted for my next academic season if I will pay it now?

Yes. You have to make sure to indicate what academic year you applying in your online application form.