Outbound FAQ

Outbound most asked questions and answers…

Will it be possible to study at university that “Study in Ukraine” do not have any exchange program within USA or Europe?

Yes you can, this is known as Study Abroad program. Under this program, you can enroll in any university wherein “study in Ukraine” do not have any exchange agreement.

To be able to apply for Study abroad program, you are obliged to comply the following:

Negotiate straightly with the proposed home university in USA, Europe or Canada; you can also apply for LOA or leave of absence from “study in Ukraine” for the length of your estimated period abroad;
Negotiate with your overseas faculty or school for your international studies to be logged on your record as your recognition of previous degree; and lastly,
Pay the tuition fee charges that you want to enroll abroad. The amount may varies between countries, universities and courses.

Student Exchange Office will help you with your application requirements that you have chosen this study option.

In case I have failed during the admission; will it be possible to apply for USA, Europe and Canada?

In the event you have failed in the admission your application is assessed individually by the Exchange Consultant to determine whether you are applicable for the program that you are applying to in the mentioned country.

I plan to shift my course; will the credits finished in my prior degree credited towards the credit entitlement requirement?

In case you have finished in another course of degree at Ukraine higher education, it is definitely counted towards the eligibility requirement. Related transcripts will need to be contained with your “study in Ukraine” application documents.

Do I need to have a Visa?

In most instances, a student visa is mandatory for your international study to Canada, Europe and USA; kindly check you IIS or individual information sheets or perhaps the embassy of the place you will be traveling to for more information. Every pupil will have to arrange his/her own visa.

When can I start to make my reservation and book my flight?

The moment you have got the notification of your acceptance from the home university in Canada or USA, you can commence arranging your visa and flights schedule.

Can I work on exchange?

This will depend on the place that you are intending to study. You can check out the consulate of the place you are traveling to for more details. Remember: applicants must not rely on foreign job to support their study for the entire duration of their stay.

Can I go on exchange on the last semester of my course?

Yes, however, you should have remaining credits on your course to be able to participate in an exchange.

Please take note that planning on exchange on your final semester might cause delay on your graduation ceremony to the subsequent available ceremony. This might depend on when your records or transcript by the affiliate institution and transferred to your Ukrainian course.

I have been imprisoned of the case drinking while driving offense or have any criminal conviction; will my planning for exchange affected?

Yes, some other countries will not issue any student visa when they found out you are involved in any criminal case. You can pay a visit with the consulate of the country you are planning to travel for exchange for more details.

Can I prolong my exchange?

Yes, but you need to ask for approval first from the exchange office and also as the home institution to make sure there is a place ready and available for you.
If you ask for an exchange approval from Ukraine to USA, Europe or Canada, feel free to
contact us for assistance.

I’m studying at Ukrainian institutions. Will I be entitled for the exchange program?


Can I apply for the exchange program if I am on Leave of Absence?

No, you still can apply as long as you meet all other eligibility requirement; you will need to have the LOA when you have been accepted into the exchange program.

Can I still pursue my education at another Ukrainian University?

Yes, this is considered as cross-institutional enrolment being handle by the Student Central; feel free to contact us if you want to know more.