Degree Recognition FAQ

What is degree recognition?

Recognition of international degrees refers to the act or process of giving credit to a course from an international university.

Process of recognition of overseas study documents, entails fortitude of conformity of educational and professional rights and qualification stage of foreign education documents with government standard of education to make sure that every right of a person who acquired education in other countries and wish to pursue education and get specialized activities in Ukraine.

What papers can be credited?

Nearly all candidates of PhD and Master programs need getting degree assessment and credit to be admitted to one of the school in Ukraine.

What documents are needed for the processing of recognition?

Original of valid education document.
Original of valid transcript of record listing all subjects, courses and other materials of education process.

Academic documents should be permitted by skilled authorities of the issuing nation.

  1. Education document must be notarized like a copy of legalized original issued by Ukrainian notary public, with attached translation.
  2. Papers issued by the central government administrative organization for education of a foreign country regarding recognition accreditation of the academic institution and educational program of your course for the whole duration (when transcript of the diploma will not contain this details).

When you enrolled at a member situated in another region, you need to send this member education license given by government organization of the nation where the academic institution for the whole duration of the course.

  1. Endorsement letter from academic institution or administrative government agency for education about professional and academic rights wherein this diploma given to the holder in the place where your course document issued.
  2. Papers proving legality of your stay in place of study for the whole duration of your course (registration documents, passport of foreign citizens, permit to stay and the like.
  3. Copy of files of your previous education, when it represents an element of education licensed by document that is submitted for recognition or they can have points on the result of recognition process.
  4. Copy of student’s identification paper like temporary permit and passport.
  5. International applicants having invitation for education from a college or Ukrainian university should give a copy of this letter of invitation.
  6. To apply for a credit of an education reference, included to the above mentioned papers the applicant need to give a reference letter from academic institution where he attended, indicating the time where the applicant was certified.

Please note: do not send the original document, or this can be given in person together with the application, and soon after the later was accepted, it will be returned to the student.

How long will it take?

The duration may vary depending on the period of your admission, sometimes 12-15 working days when you have comply all the information, full payment and duplicates of your academic files. 2-5 days rush service is also available but with additional fee. Contact us for more details.

What papers cannot be credited?

  • Documents issued by academic institution that provide educational services via affiliates found in other nation and not certified by the country’s ministry of education where the affiliate is situated and the nation where the university is located.
  • Papers whose recognizer is not given by bilateral  contracts of Ukraine.
  • Documents granted in any form apart from federal standard.

 What documents do I need to submit to “Study in Ukraine”?

Application Fully filled out, Dated and signed. This can be done thru mail, online, fax or bring it in person at our office.
Academic Documents Degrees diploma, Transcripts/mark sheets with grades and dates, professional licenses, certificates of graduation.NEVER SEND ORIGINALS – THEY WILL NOT BE RETURNED.
Payment* Appraisals will not be processed unless all fees are paid out.
Translation All documents should be translated in Ukrainian language. When you cannot provide one, you have to pay for additional fee for us to translate it.
Verification (only if requested by “Study in Ukraine”) In some situation, a Verification Authorization letter is required.  When you got a request from the “Study in Ukraine” sign it and mail it back to complete your application for admission.

How to know the status of my application?

To know your application status feel free to contact us.

Do I need to Apply online?

In case you are having trouble with using online application, you can visit us in our office and apply personally. Check out to make an appointment, at our main City office in Kyiv (Kiev).

More questions?

Please feel free to contact us at any time.