AuPair FAQ

What an AuPair all about?

Aupair refers to a person aged 18-30, single, travelling abroad for short time and living with family. While abroad, foster family member help their host family taking care of children and households.

The word “au pair is a French word meaning “mutual agreement”. Meaning, they will get a pocket money, live for free with host families similar to their own family members. The allowance and number of hours working are determined by the regulations to the said host country.

Being the “big sister or Big brother” au pair carries the responsibility of childcare. Living with host family they will develop their speaking language by attending language course. All the routine in their real family they also do it in the foster family and all such benefits for their upcoming carriers.

What will be my responsibility being an au pair?

You will live with your host family doing your responsibility during your stay in USA, Europe, and Canada. You are in-charge of the childcare and the entire task that needs great sense of responsibility like washing, ironing, helping kids clean their rooms, preparing their foods, sending children to school, supporting school activities and helping them with their homework.

Additionally, au pair is neither a helper, a nanny or job for the elderly. He/she is totally member of the family  during their stay as he/she is not an employee.

Is “Au pairing” the thing for me?

If you want to explore other countries, know their different cultures, enhance your language ability and obtain new experience for your future, then au pairing is the right thing for you. This involves joy and fun but also involves great responsibilities particularly to childcare. Hence, it is crucial that you want to take the responsibility and willing to accept new challenges. This will truly develop you inside and out.

Do I get a salary?


How much it will cost to be an au pair?

Amount involve in the au pair’s host country will be paid by the girl or boy. This includes: medical checks or visa expenses. They also pays the travel costs on their own. They will also shoulder the cost of language course but all these depend on the related host country. We encourage the host family to spare some money for their return trip and language course.

What do I need to remember if I want to be an au pair?

Being an au pair, you need to follow the rules of your host country. You will also find helpful information in tips for au pairs. They will ensure that you enjoy stay.

Which countries really need au pairs?

Europe, and some of the significant host nations are Germany, Great Britain and France. Canada, Australia and New Zealand also has great need for au pairs

What is a host family?

Host family should have at least one child below 18 years old and request au pair from abroad for a certain period. They also welcome single family as host family if their kids are living with them.

The primary responsibility of au pair with a host family is childcare and helping house work. In response, au pair is living for free, treating his/her as their own family. Au pair should have the chance to enhance their language skills by taking language course.

Would it be an advantage to host an au pair?

Having an au pair can help your family, by taking care of your kids and taking over some light household responsibility. It is crucial to pick an au pair that truly matches you family. In fact, their experience entails great relationship that must be based on the common trust. You are trusted by the new family member from distinct culture and traditions.

Remember: Au pairs are not nannies and most of all not hired household helpers. Au pair will share daily task and become a model in your children being their Big sister or brother.

How much it will cost you in inviting an aupair?

Being a host family, you will allow them to love for free, a room of his/her own and certain amount for pocket money. In some places, host families have to pay for an au pair’s coverage. Au pair shoulders his/her travel expenses or sometimes they need to shoulder the cost of their language course, but this all depends on the country. Here in study in Ukraine Au pair, that both parties share the cost of the language course and return trip.

Will it be possible to get a new host family and an au pair in short time?

Because of the huge number of au pair users, it is really possible to get new host family and au pair instantly. We believe in a respectful and constructive conflict resolution and provides support thru email and phone.

What are the requirements to be an au pairs?

Person should be aged 18-30. They must not be married or have children. People wanting to be an au pair must enjoy taking care of children and knowing the tradition and language of the country. Importantly, au pairs should be able to afford to travel at their own expense.