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What is and who is involved in “Study in Ukraine”?

Study in Ukraine is a global platform for international school, comprise of 408 affiliates both in Ukraine and other countries. It is a non-profit affiliate organization offering affordable study overseas and also exchange selection of more than 14800 pupils every year. “Study in Ukraine” concentrates on emersion program. Meaning, students can enroll in local schools, study, and live exactly like of other student the host country. Pupils can enjoy all the services or activities and majority of the courses at the institution, however they must be equipped with a more independent sort of experience

Each affiliate designates staff to be “Study in Ukraine” coordinator that helps students processing all the documents needed. There is an assigned Study in Ukraine on-campus coordinator you will help your students throughout the processing and admission procedures. There should be assigned Study in Ukraine coordinator at the home university who will assist your student’s housing and academic arrangement, cater an on-site orientation and they also function as your local resource. The staff of Study in Ukraine in Kiev, pupils; application for admission, create placement and helps exchange options by functioning as the communication connection between the coordinators of Study in Ukraine and worldwide. “study in Ukraine likewise mail the transcript from the host going to home University.

Will my pupil move up on time?

When they plan ahead of time for a year outside the country or for a semester, there can be no issue of graduating on time. If the student apply to “study in Ukraine, your student note down all the subjects and classes he/she would like to take. During the acceptance of the course, your pupil will follow all the procedures at their own institution to make the schedule of classes pre-approved prior of the departure. Right after returning, the Study in Ukraine will mail an official transcript of record to your pupil’s home university so the credits will be transferred based on the procedures settle by the home institution.

How much is the cost and what is the mode of payment?

Study in Ukraine has two kinds of packages with diverse fee process:

Study in Ukraine-Exchange enables the student to pay home school tuition, meals and housing fees and take the slot of university pupil abroad; after which the international student will take over the place of the student on Ukraine. Any refundable placement charges is needed with the application for those unsuccessful admission. Tuition, meals and housing payments are transact directly to the home institution exactly as if your pupil remained on school.

Study in Ukraine-Direct are solely available for some Study in Ukraine places and the students pay an economical, established program cost directly to Study in Ukraine office in place of exchanging  places with overseas students. An amount of $299 non-refundable application is required with the said application; $500 deposit is oblige upon the acceptance; course fee ranging from 1,400-3000 dollar per semester is billed to the home university coordinator one month before departure. Check out the “study in Ukraine-direct page for more details.

Extra costs such as transportation, obligatory “study in Ukraine” Health insurance for approximately 99 dollar per semester, books, visa fee and personal expenses.

Why are students studying in Ukraine required to have Ukraine Health Insurance?

Being an exchange sponsor of international learners, it is required by the law to make sure that students coming to Live in Ukraine have enough health coverage. The committee of Study in Ukraine voted in 1997 making enrollment mandatory for all students to guarantee their insurance abroad as well.

Applicants who believe they are now covered through parental, personal or university coverage often ask to be exempt from the requirement. Given that the study in Ukraine have insufficient resources and knowledge to assess case-by-case regardless the policy is sufficient, “Study in Ukraine” should make admission in its insurance cover an across-the-board condition. Admission is such condition of placement, which might not be waived regardless the student is insured under such policy.

Are they safe to go abroad?

Based on the guidelines for health and safety of the students are according to the principle of responsibility and trust. Established since 1997 that agrees the same term of participation concerning to student exchanges. The Study in Ukraine and these institutions share the accountability for monitoring national and local conditions affecting the safety of the student and giving pertinent details to study in Ukraine students. In return, participants are accountable for getting familiar with all the components provided and for adhering to the safety guidelines established by host institutions and Study in Ukraine.

They cannot assure the safety of the student but they will not send pupils to places where students are at risk that the institutions deems unreasonable. However, they will make clear to the students the details they need to create accountable decisions regarding their conduct and participation during exchange.

What if there is an unforeseen situation?

“Study in Ukraine” have their own designated coordinator to assist students during their activities to act as their main contact in case of emergency. Families are encouraged to get contact information soon after the students arrive. Contacting the coordinator is a better option compare to contacting the main institution. Coordinators are obliged to inform all parties whether the emergency is individual or general. When the “study in Ukraine” pupils are involve in any serious illness or accident, the most crucial thing is to get quick medical assistance. But those in the case of non-medical ailments like civil disorder, campus strikes, international or civil unrest, the coordinator will advise students about what they should and not to do. Instantly, they will inform the study in Ukraine central office of the situation and inform us how it might affect the students. You have nothing to worry about because study in Ukraine on campus coordinator will monitor every situation and determine if the event is normal or need the program to cancelled or suspended.

How can I contact my pupil while they are overseas?

Upon arrival all new students receives a free phone cards with a prepaid plans. Students have their own access on their home university computer labs. Some of them utilize internet cafes to contact their family.

Can I visit my Pupils while they are abroad?

No, because sending them abroad to study is an important part of their life and educational experiences. This might be hard for them to live on their own but it is one way for them to become independent to face the new journey, develop their skills and need to experience their new life away from you. This will help the participants to develop the skills needed to adjust their new life abroad. Do not ever visit your student while they have classes as this can affect their study and concentration. You can think of meeting them up once the program is ended or during semestral breaks.

How can they get their visa?

Students are given important documents and letter from Study in Ukraine and the home institutions preference to get their visa. It is their responsibility to look for their visa requirements. They should begin the process early since this will take a few months. Check out visa section for complete details.

Who is the right person to contact to for more details?

Every institution has their own assigned Study in Ukraine on-campus coordinator.  They are your point of contact for information and advice during the whole process. Your pupil will have the contact details for both host and home university. During the acceptance of the program, your pupil will receive the Institutional Information Sheet, which indicates all the important details of the host university. Make sure you have a copy before they leave so that you will have all the contact details for your pupil’s assigned to the on-campus coordinator. You can also contact us for complete information. The main office of “Study in Ukraine” in Kyiv (Kiev) serves as a main resource to the assigned coordinators at every institution and university in Ukraine.