Admission Help

Planning to further your education and need admission help?

Well “study in Ukraine is the best option if you are hunting for your next phase in education for English University in Europe. There are a lot of things to consider in this type of quest. For example, how will life be living in Ukraine?  And many more. To obtain answers on these, just take a look at some FAQs concerning your admission for applying to take a degree in Ukraine…

Who is responsible to certify my papers during my admission?

Documents and papers could be certified by this following organization.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your home country,
Notary Public, or
An Academic Registrar of the institution that issued the transcript.

I was offered a position for the new school year. If I am unable to take up the offer this semester, can I differ it to the next semester?

This does happen from time-to-time.  This should be discussed with your campus coordinator.  You would have to request a new invitation letter.

If I am unable to attend classes the first day of school, Can I begin the classes one or two weeks after?

Yes you can, you would be required to send a letter advising the school of the delay.  This would also attract an additional fee to repeat previous lessons privately.

I was not selected for a course that I had applied for at a Ukraine University.  Can I enroll for different course at the same University without submitting a new application?

Yes you can.

After I received my invitation letter I decided to change my course.  What are the procedures to get it changed?

You can either call us at our International Office to ask for the change and receive a completely new invitation letter or maybe you can shift the course the moment you arrive.  You will be responsible for any added charges this change would attract.  Please make sure you sort all the requirements before you enroll.

My application was mailed to “Study in Ukraine” to pursue my PhD by research.  I have not received a reply.  What should I do?

Normally, any application for masters by research and PhD takes a longer time compared to the regular application.  The reason for this is that the Graduate Studies Board has to approve it.  This is dependent on when the Graduate Studies Board meets. It might take two to three weeks to process an application.

How can I get recognition for Courses completed at former Educational Institution?

In order to be entitled for recognition of former studies you will be required to provide certified copies of your transcripts of records, certificates (in case the course is finished)for prior degree. Such documents will be evaluated to determine if recognition will be given. Depending on the university where you finished your former course, you might need to provide the unit outlines and course syllabus.

You may pay a visit to recognition section, or contact us for recognition processing.

How long will it take for me to know If I am accepted for the course I applied for?

The international office tries to process the admission Letter and mail you a copy in  2-4 days for undergraduate regular application, and 6-30 working days in the case of Recognition of Prior learning needs to be evaluated by your former school/university (Postgraduate). This might include time taken to update  information with you (if needed) and evaluation of your recognition of Prior degree and qualifications.

If I am not qualified for a course, are there options for me to look for another course?

If you are not qualified for a course that you have applied for, the international office will inform you of the results and advise you of the available options.  This all depends on your previous course; we can suggest another applicable course for you.

Important: Recognition of previous course might be granted to those students who are completing a standard diploma program.