Meet People

Meet Famous People from Ukraine… there is also much fun to be had in this incredible country. It may have a different culture and even a different lifestyle that we are used to, but the people of the Ukraine are just like us. In fact, they have many celebrities just as we do. Many of these […]

Ukraine Visa

Moving to Ukraine? Moving to a new country requires multiple steps you must complete. Many of these steps are quite difficult to accomplish. While this is true, it is certainly not impossible to move to a new country. The Ukraine has become a popular destination for many people, so it can be a great place […]

Time in Ukraine

Europe is home to numerous different wonderful locations that millions of people visit each year. It has an incredible history and it can actually be seen when walking down the streets of a European city. The Ukraine is a country in Europe that has become quite popular in recent years. Many tourists enjoy visiting for […]

Colleges and Universities

Study in Ukraine Brings Revolution in Education for Foreign Students… The time has come when we strictly need to change our attitude towards education. If you think education to be, just going to university, taking few lectures, reading the material, completing the projects and assignment and to feel ourselves done with the work then be […]

Admission to the University

Study in Ukraine, an Emerging Educational Hub in Europe… England has been a center of education or many years, but with the passage of time and concentration on a same system of education in people’s mind is now providing the market entangled by economic recession nothing more than outdated ideas. To introduce versatility, modernization and […]

Ukraine Experience

When I was looking to further my education at the end of my secondary school studies, I knew I wanted to attend University. My problem was, that like a lot of other students the cost of this education was looking at being prohibitive. My friend then suggested I look at studying abroad, at first I […]

Where is Ukraine

 Where is Ukraine Located? Going to college is an incredible opportunity to better yourself and to ensure that you will have the skills necessary to succeed in the future. It requires a lot of work and determination, but the rewards will be great. While attending a university is already a big change in your life, […]

Study Medicine and Engineering in Ukraine

Looking to Study in Ukraine for your further education?  Excellent choice, there are many options open to you, from school to university.  Being specialists in both Engineering and Medicine you will notice that there are many medical universities in Ukraine.  This does not mean you can only study medicine, just that there are plenty of […]