Promoting Study in Ukraine

STUDY IN UKRAINE coordinated cooperation started in 1997…

To be able to attain success in your chosen profession, good career, a person must instantly seek out for something bigger and instantly develop knowledge, skills and abilities. First and foremost it should be noted that without the right knowledge it is really impossible to get something bigger, to prolong the fruitful existence in this nation. At this point you can ask yourself some questions.  Is better education becoming more helpful in latest innovative society?  Is higher education the road to new knowledge and reputable work and profession?  Is there a possibility of self-realization and increased salary?

Each year numerous international learners enhance higher academic institutions of Ukraine. The country is constantly known as being hospitable, with a good relation with both local and international students. Those who are looking for good quality and available education in a foreign country, it is somewhat possible to suggest safely studying in Ukraine.

The scheme of higher education in Ukraine is properly developed are presented by qualified instructors in our universities and colleges hence producing professionals of the highest quality. The system of Ukraine’s higher education has met the standards of all developed nations and regions. Since March 2005, the country has joined the Bolonsky system and commence to actively improve European standard in the core of higher education.

The Ukrainian Education is appreciated and accepted worldwide and is also flexible and open for development. The institutions in Ukraine have solid teams of qualified lecturers.  Most of them are well-known even outside the Ukrainian country. Learners received both theoretical and practical knowledge. The Ukraine Higher Education endorse modern technology and equipment.  The organization also boast reputable professionals in all areas of study. International learners can get a diploma and be qualified after a year or two of training and obtain their “bachelor degree” in four years. There is an exemption if you are a medical or veterinary professional. However, in the case of international pupils the first choice is applicable.

The school year is comprised of two semesters. Students also enjoy holiday between two terms. The first semester begins September and ends in January. While the second semester begins February and ends June. Summer vacations last for around three months maximum.

By the end of each semester the pupils sit three to five examinations. Once the students are successful in their examinations they qualify for the next semester. Classes are held Mondays to Friday. Students are also required to attend tutorials and work with materials in the libraries and resource centers. Higher education courses may include placement that gives students the chance to gain valuable experience.

Recognition of the qualification obtained is the top priority of the country. Thus ensuring that all successful graduates receive a irrespective degree of what type of property it pertains. The listings of the subjects are attached to the diploma.

These days, you can avail the study in almost 440 colleges, academies and universities of Ukraine of 3rd to 4th level of accreditation. Some of them are 220 state colleges and 93 are the non-state institution. Around 54.9 percent of the state university pupils enjoy free education.

Promoting study in Ukraine…

Finally, the main cooperation affiliates of “Study in Ukraine” have been the organizations that offer degree program which totally use English as their official language and this is recognized internationally. In addition to offering instruction in English, they carry a well-working program of support services for foreign learners.

Study in Ukraine also conducts surveys, arrange trainings, compiles data and promotional materials, arrange and attends special gatherings to market Ukraine higher education. In 2004, we built a marketing concept and the corporate visual character for “Study in Ukraine”.

At the moment, these types of materials are still available in English language. For more information feel free to contact us.

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