About us

About Us

About Study In Ukraine…

Study In Ukraine is a cooperation platform in Ukraine that promotes the possibilities of studying for international students…

If you are hunting for colleges and universities in English in Europe, to move to your next phase in education, then “Study in Ukraine” is said to be the ideal platform of more than 200 universities and colleges in the country aiming to offer economical access to international study for a diverse learner’s population. In this platform learners obtain intercultural competence via integration right into their culture and institution while discovering their entire dimension of their educational field.

Search no more, by opting for your further study in Ukraine you will find that this is your chance to move forward and will impress your upcoming bosses, as they can see you are not simply following the crowd if you enhance your education. “Study in Ukraine” has superb reviews with the admission application procedure as it is both understandable and easy, we are here with you in every step you make.

“Study in Ukraine”, is organization managed by Board of Directors, maintained by service fees and administered by the central office in Kyiv (Kiev), by the assigned coordinator in every member of the institution.

As far back as 1997, when this platform was established as an independent and incorporated institution.

What We Provide?

If you want to pursue the courses available in Ukraine Universities you don’t have to think about the language The notion that you will need to learn various languages is wrong because most of the courses offered are taught in English.

Study in Ukraine Members…

  • Are as completely integrated right into their host institution as their period of stay and language skill permit.
  • Obtain understanding of the worldwide dimension of their academic society.
  • Establish intercultural competence and individual maturity through immersion in other culture.

Study in Ukraine participants…

  • Are the organization accredited by regional and governmental academic institution or ministry.
  • Cooperate like partners in the spirit of trust and common support to enhance the internalization of their schools and provide access to top quality programs in different locations.
  • Adhere to the terms of participation that help learners’ integration into the host culture and organization and transfer of educational credit to the home institution.

Central Office of Study In Ukraine…

  • Helps exchange of academic details and give professional advice concerning programs.
  • Direct the placement process and gives support during the study period of the students.
  • Provide professional development and networking chances through workshops, conference and study tours open to members.

Advantage of Study in Ukraine…

  • Get access to a numerous organizations of higher education in other countries like Africa, Europe, Asia, Latin America, North America, Middle East and Oceana without the need of maintaining and negotiating personal agreements.
  • Host organization personnel conduct orientation, making sure that meals and housing are given and help out learners’ registration and admission into the institution.
  • Placements are obtainable in all educational disciplines, the school can send learners to study in one area and receives students in another area.
  • Upcoming participants bring linguistic and cultural diversity to the school and international perspective to the course materials.
  • Study in Ukraine direct system offer exactly the same comprehensive educational and support services as being study abroad provider programs yet with substantially lower fees.

Indeed, you might not be the only students who decided to study here either, there are a lot like you from other countries and from different nationalities. All of them decided to continue their education in Ukraine.